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     We are the FIRST (and ONLY) factory trained certified installers on   Maryland's Eastern Shore, as well as all of Delaware (except Laurel, DE), so do not be fooled by part time, untrained hobbyists.

     LCR Hydrographics, is a Full Time, Full Service, family owned Water Transfer Printing (Camo Dipping) company. We provide a custom decorating service that utilizes some of the most advanced state of the art technology and equipment in the decorating industry.

     From a single unit to full production, we insure a consistency of quality using water transfer printing (camo dipping) to decorate your project. We are a water transfer printing company maintaining consistent quality at a competitive price. LCR Hydrographics offers hundreds of patterns to choose from such as Camo, wood grain, metals, carbon fibers, stone, animals prints, and countless other patterns.

     Water transfer printing is also known by many names such as Camo dipping, hydro graphics, hydrographic printing, 3D printing, fluid imaging, immersion printing, hydro dipping, aqua graphics, hydro imaging or hydro printing.

     Whichever name you choose, the process is the same. The process allows LCR Hydrographics to transfer full color graphic patterns to many complex three dimensional shapes such as guns, bows, deer skulls, ATV parts, car dashboards and assorted auto parts, motorcycle gas tanks and fenders, game controllers like Xbox, and car wheels.  The list is endless!

     Water Transfer Printing, Hydrographics, camo dipping (or whatever name  you choose to use) has been used for decades in the military to camouflage guns and other equipment as well as in the auto industry to put those nice wood grains on your dashboards.

     Water transfer printing, Hydrographics or camo dipping is the only coating technology that makes it possible to print an almost seamless pattern on very complex 3D shaped parts.  It also puts a lasting finish that is more durable than paint or decals on any item made of glass, plastic, hardwoods, metal, or any hard surface.

     Water transfer printing, Hydrographics or camo dipping is made to sustain strenuous wearing conditions and is as strong and durable as your car finish. If you do not see your project on our price list give us a call at 410-758-2000 or EMAIL us and we will work with you on a custom quote. 

     Just a note as you look over the patterns; many patterns can be custom done by changing the color of the base layer. Give us a call or email and we can work with  you on a custom pattern. 


   Please print and fill out this WORK ORDER FORM  and send with your project


These are some of the brands and patterns we represent.





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